Candidate Testimonials

Thursday, May 05, 2016 / Vahab

"Nick and Brad reached me right after I applied online for an open
position in a company in Toronto while I was in Montreal. When we
realized that the position might not exactly match my skills GuruLink
did their best to find the best position matching my skills in the
same company, so I got the phone interview and then first and second
interview at the same day. The did an amazing job in discussing my
salary and benefits and I got a very good offer from the employer.
I am very impressed by the precise and helpful information that they
provide before interviews which I haven't had the same with other
recruitment agencies. Amazing job about following my case and helping
me through the necessary steps for my relocation and also helping me
in an honest way about making the best decision are things that in my
opinion make them stand out from other agencies."