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Registration is quick and easy, and best of all it’s absolutely free. Registering a candidate account with GuruLink is by far the best way to be kept informed of new jobs with our clients. You are able to have complete control over your personal information, maintain multiple copies of your resume, locate detailed information on clients and opportunities, and be kept informed real-time on any updates in the process.

We have exclusive relationships with many of our clients, and most of the jobs you find listed on the GuruLink website will not be found elsewhere. Registering a candidate account with GuruLink offers you the chance to be considered for these exclusive opportunities.

The information collected from your registration is used solely for the purpose of finding your employment with our clients. GuruLink does not believe in the distribution of personal information, nor do we endorse the selling of contact databases.

Please read our Privacy Statement and User Agreement to find out more about how GuruLink uses candidate registration information, and take a moment to read more about the services we offer to our candidates. If you have any further questions about these services, please contact a GuruLink Representative.

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